Friday, May 20, 2011

Something sweet : Cupcake Cosmetics haul

 Recently my friend Celeste requested for me to review Cupcake Cosmetics. Since I wasn't lucky enough to participate in the NYX sale (Lol.. kinda like 50,000 other people??) I had a little money for product set aside, and went ahead and ordered.

After the NYX fiasco i've really been wanting to patronize more independent businesses. There is a few reasons for this. One being that a small business that's trying to get off the ground could really use the sales, and reviews more than large companies who have advertising campaigns. Other than that I feel that small businesses often have wonderful products waiting to be discovered. Cupcake Cosmetics is no exception.

I picked out the 5 shades I was most intrigued by, and I can't say I am disappointed with any of them. The pigmentation, and color payoff is good. They are very shimmery & sparkly! The texture of the makeup is powdery, yet it applies very nicely. The thing that stands out the most for me is that the shades are UNIQUE. These are not just repackaged minerals.  If you've been spending $12-$15 on mineral eyeshadows (brands like Lime Crime & Naked cosmetics) I highly suggest that you give these a try. At a mere $4.50 a piece there's not a lot to lose if you don't fall in love with the colors.

It came neatly (and cutely!) wrapped, nothing floating around

Every bottle was sealed, ,and properly labeled.

From L to R: Dreamsicle dry & wet. Absinthe dry & wet. Mermaid, dry & wet. Natural lighting. 
L to R: Miss Vida Boheme dry & wet,  Frenchy dry & wet. Natural Lighting.

With a flash
With a flash


Miss Vida Boheme

I will be putting up a few looks using this makeup later on tonight, I just wanted to hurry up and get my swatches online. So far I am loving these eyeshadows & will definitely be ordering more :)

UPDATE: here's my eye makeup looks for these eyeshadows :)

Absinthe & Mermaid

Yes, those are my real eyelashes

Miss Vida Boheme & Frenchy & Dreamsicle (with a tiny bit of MAC my dark magic in the crease)

Ignore my gross eyebrows

Just Frenchy & Miss Vida Boheme
Oh, and other than the fact that this makeup is seriously cool- it shipped in only 2 days. I think that's just fantastic. I'm already thinking about which colors I want next.

Much ♥-

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  1. You go girlie you tell them !!! love , love these eyeshadow the pigments look awesome =)


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