Saturday, March 31, 2012

Urban Style Look Book- Spring '12

I wanted to do something a little different for this blog post than my usual so I grabbed my makeup, and a great photographer and we went on a little adventure in the city.

I am definitely no model let me tell you........ but I thought it would be interesting to have somebody else taking the photos for once. If anything it gave me more respect for what models do because I think it's totally weird and awkward to pose and such things ;) Nevertheless I thought i'd show off a few of my favorite makeup and clothing looks for this spring.

If you are looking for a photographer in Northern Ohio/Southern Michigan please contact my friend Melissa of Melissa Graden Photography HERE and check out her super cute boutique HERE

All photos taken by/property of Melissa Graden 

Smokey eye with a pop of spring color- Abigail's Boutique Designs cosmetics

Ultra feminine jewelry-by: Jujubeads Jewelry & Addie LaDawn
Dress: H&M

Organized chaos

The Glitter Blog does not respect your authority ;)

Bright lips/lids for spring <3 Abigail's Boutique Designs cosmetics, Pretty Addictions cosmetics (blush, illuminator) Jujubeads Jewelry, 

Can you guess what city I'm in?

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Makeup Fairyz Review

I recently had the pleasure of trying out a few samples of different products from Makeup Fairyz.

Cherries ala mode, Teena Marie, Pecan Sandies 

I'd like to start off this review by mentioning that this is a VERY new company that has only been open about 6 months. I'm sure as time goes on they may decide to tweak some formulations and make other changes so please be aware that this is my review of how things are at this moment. I think this is a pretty unique business, and I look forward to watching them grow as time progresses..

The other thing I would like to mention is that my post office just destroyed this envelope. It was taped really good with some sort of decorative duct tape and the whole bottom of the envelope was still ripped open so I'm not sure what the heck happened to it. I do not think I lost any samples, but some of them got a little scrunched up and the names wore off. I really cannot comment much on the presentation of the products just due to the fact that I don't think that's an accurate representation of what a customer usually gets. I'm also unsure of the names of a few of the products because of that same situation. Please bare with me here lol.

L-R: Willow, Party Animal creme shadow, Smurfberry Souffle, Fair Maidenz creme shadow, Teena Marie, Cherries Ala Mode, Pecan Sandies, Cinnamon lip slickz?, A purple creme shadow?, and Bad Gurlz Browniez scented lotion & solid perfume

1. Bad Gurlz Browniez Scented lotion & solid perfume:

First of all I absolutely love the Bad Gurlz Browniez scent. It is a rich chocolate fudge brownie scent mixed with a hint of sharp organic cannabis. What I like about this scent is that the chocolate smell doesn't smell fake or cheap. I am usually very picky about fragrances that use hints of chocolate because to me sometimes it smells like plastic or something. This definitely smells rich and exotic. I also like how long lasting the scent is without being overpowering. I sometimes have trouble with heavily scented lotions due to my super sensitive skin. I was really impressed that Bad Gurl Browniez didn't irritate my skin at ALL and was actually very moisturizing. I like these two layered for a fragrance that lasts 6+ hours. These both came in clamshells, but I do believe the lotion is now available in a large size along with some other yummy scented lotions.

2. Fairyz Dusts:

I enjoyed all the dry fairyz dust colors very much. I especially love how vibrant Cherries ala mode is. Willow is just a tad bit pinker and less sparkly but the two photograph very similar. I thought the overall quality and pigmentation of all of them were very good. I think a few of the more pigmented colors could possible stand to be a tad bit more blendable. I think for a new company the shade range they have is pretty unique and fun.

3. Creme Shadows/slickz

Now all of these say they are lip safe except the one I couldn't read so I am assuming that these double as a lip color as well. At least I hope so..because I tried them all on my lips lol. I LOVE the party animal shade not only as a creme eyeshadow but definitely as a lip gloss as well. It's a very bright Barbie pink with tons of silver glitter throughout. Fair Maidenz is a creamy metallic brown shade and also looks nice on lips as well as  eyes. I believe the gold colored creme is actually lip slickz cinnamon lip plumper. I am not sure how much plumper it makes my lips look but the gold shimmer is gorgeous alone or over lip stick. I really enjoyed all three of these and would purchase full size versions for sure. I think the texture and consistency of these is just perfection. Party Animal is filled with glitter and isn't gritty at ALL. I like these a lot.

Overall my first impression of the Makeup Fairyz is a good one. I like their creative style and friendly down to earth approach to their business. The owner seems very sociable, and like you could probably easily come to her if you had any issues with an order. I've heard lots of great things about her customer service from others as well. A lot of products are only available in clamshells or sample sizes but I think that is something that's in the process of changing. Their prices & shipping seem reasonable for their quality. I would definitely purchase full size versions of most of the products I tried.

Pecan Sandies, Cherries ala mode, Teena Marie

Party Animal as lip gloss

You can get your makeup fairyz HERE and HERE :)

Are you loving their bright reds or what???

Monday, March 19, 2012

Four Eyez: Colored contact lens e-store review

As you already know I am quite a fan of not only circle lenses, but regular colored lenses as well as the theatrical type crazy lenses. Recently I have been searching for a few new places to order colored lenses from when I came across

I was immediately impressed with their selection of lenses I have never seen before. Let me tell you.. I have been buying contacts for years and most shops carry exactly the same things. Not this one. I absolutely love their Terminator inspired line of lenses, as well as the very cool selection of mesh pupil lenses. Even better than the selection is the fact that each and every single pair of lenses has a short video to showcase what the lens looks like in a real eye. I find this very helpful in picking out lenses that will work with my eye color, and gives me a really good idea of how the lens will look on me.

What's even better than their selection and videos? The prices. Four Eyez is out of the UK so lenses usually run  anywhere between €12-19 or about $15-$30 for us Americans ;) Each pair comes with a free mystery pair of  daily lenses. I thought this was way too good to be true.. but it is! I ended up getting crazy shamrock lenses with my order and I was almost as excited about those as I was the pair I actually paid for. Did I mention shipping is also free? Not only is it free, but they are FAST. I received my order in exactly 6 days from the time I paid. 

I ended up ordering THIS style called "Fusion Violet-Grey'. A lot of times companies will alter their photos to make colors pop thus you end up getting lenses that are disappointing in real life. Not this store. These lenses actually are a lot cooler than this photo or video would lead you to believe. They are probably one of the favorite designs I've ordered from anywhere. The violet inner ring is very intense yet these lenses are still subtle enough to wear just about anywhere. They are very moist, and fit comfortably during wear.

Fusion violet-grey 

The daily lenses I received were also super cool although unfortunately they do not fit me comfortably AT ALL. Some crazy lenses just do not work for me for some reason so I do not feel this is a factory defect or other flaw in the lens themselves. I did wear them shortly, however, and was impressed with their opacity and overall design. I am so sad these don't work for me but I totally can't complain over the amazing free style they sent me! Like I said.. some of these just don't work on me but you can get your Lucky clover lenses HERE

the full st. pat's look lol

In total I spent $21 for 2 pairs of lenses that shipped internationally in less than a week. You better believe that I highly recommend this shop, and will be a repeat customer. I will be reviewing more lenses from this shop in the future so if you have any special requests for ones you'd like to see reviewed please link me in the comments :D

You can find the violet-grey and much more available at Four Eyez 

Monday, March 12, 2012

HOT TOPIC: Junkyard Prophet preaches "virtue" to public school girls via intimidation


As you may have read on my fan page today I am starting a new little section to this blog that focuses on topics in the media involving body image, women's rights, self esteem, and young women's issues. I have some really cool posts lined up so far and would LOVE for others to submit some guest posts. If this interests you please shoot me an email at

This is (obviously) the first post in that series. I was actually going to write about cyber bullying and other abhorrent behavior that's been going on within the beauty community lately. But this topic really isn't so different..because it indeed deal with bullies of a much grander scale.  

As you may or may not have read in the news yesterday, a public school in Dunkerton Iowa hired "Christian Rap-Core" (eh??)  band Junkyard Prophet to perform an assembly at their school last week. Instead of the expected positive messages about  anti-violence, anti-bullying, and anti-drugs students were bombarded with a totally different agenda. One that included pictures of aborted fetuses, anti-gay hate speech, and a very special lesson for the girls telling them to remain virtuous, pure and to "save themselves for their husbands and assume a submissive role in the household. According to witnesses, the leader in that effort also forced the young ladies to chant a manta of sorts about remaining pure."  

“I’ve never had so many young women come up to me crying because of what was said to them. They were bullied by these people and forced to sit there and told to be quiet,” Manahl said.

Students were separated into 3 groups: Boys, Girls, and Faculty. Why nobody saw that as a red flag is totally beyond my comprehension. It is reported that students and faculty who tried to leave or disagreed with their radical message were shouted at, bullied, and intimidated by these people. 

"Steve Phelan, an English teacher, said the leader in his group chastised the faculty for being disrespectful."Then he probably spent five or 10 minutes shouting at us about what we should believe," Phelan said. Four members of the faculty walked out. Phelan did not.
"I was upset, but I stayed to fight," he said.

Say whaaat???

Now let's just try to ignore the fact that a PUBLIC school paid $1,500-$2,000 of taxpayers money to hire a known Anti-gay hate group to perform at their school. Let's also ignore the fact that the superintendent could have simply google'd them and come across their hateful material. I'd like to think that we all know that is totally unacceptable. Let's just focus on one small aspect that might not seem as damaging as the rest of their harmful messages. "Virtue Class". 

Now compared to in your face bigotry a message about virtue seems pretty positive. Virtue is defined as "Behavior showing high moral standards" and "A quality considered morally good or desirable in a person". When I think of virtue the things that come to my mind are: Being tolerant of others, Being honest in your words and actions, Being true to yourself, Being kind and loyal to those whom you love, Being a good a citizen in your community, and just generally not doing bad things. From what I gathered from the hour long watered-down online recorded version of virtueclass available here is that being virtuous means: Abstinence, No dating without the intention of marriage, No idolatry (no looking up to celebrities or public figures), Modesty, and looking good to please your husband??? They also aren't big fans of makeup *smirk*.

While I do not agree with abstinence-only teaching in schools.. that isn't really what bothers me here. What bothers me is how these people go about "teaching" these girls. From what I understand the program includes role-plays such as this:

A girl is made to put on a fake veil and wedding dress. Then she is told that today is her wedding day, and then she is told that because she's had other boyfriends in the past and lustful thoughts..she has to put black spots all over dress. And that if you aren't a virgin when you get married there is mud on your wedding dress. 

A blind-folded girl put makeup on another teenage girl to represent the evils of looking up to celebrities and "The blind leading the blind".

Includes having girls chant "My husband is going to want to eat". And discourages girls from "letting themselves go" and "getting fat" once they get married. "No man wants a fat heifer" claims the speaker. 

They are also made to look at VERY graphic photos of aborted fetuses. 

There is no message like this for the male students.. it seems there is a bit of a double standard going on here. It seems very extreme, and intimidating to give these types of harmful messages to vulnerable young girls in their teenage years. It is unrealistic to expect every teenage girl to not only remain a virgin until marriage, but remain "pure of heart" and not "think lustful thoughts". This includes no kissing and no boyfriends. Condemning teens for their sexuality at an awkward time in their lives is not helpful to anyone. Neither is telling them to be submissive to their fathers and future husbands. It especially isn't positive to tell girls that vanity is evil unless you are trying to look good for your husband. It isn't a positive message at all. And it sure as hell does not belong at a public school assembly. These people not only are very anti-gay, they seem to be very anti-women as well. I went to the source to get the ministry's own opinion. 
After deleting around 7-8 inquires i'd written on their facebook fan page (And telling me to "Go to bed" repeatedly) they initially agreed to answer some questions about what in their words went on at that assembly. They however chose to side-step my questions and gave a few vague and quite frankly rude responses before deleting my questions yet again and banning me from commenting further. 

Some gems from this conversation can be read below. I cut out a lot of the un-related comments to make it easier to follow. Please note that this is AFTER they erased many of my questions, told me to go to bed repeatedly, and then finally agreed to answer my questions:

They never answered my question at all. I DID listen to both versions of VirtueClass (which are slightly different, I might add) I just wanted to know if the exact same material was taught to those girls which only required a yes or no answer. I would still love to hear how that situation was taken out of context but I do not expect further comment on the situation at this time. 

Regardless of your stance on religion.. would you be comfortable having these people come preach this non-sense to YOUR daughters at a public school assembly or otherwise? Do you think their views on women are especially harmful to teenage girls or is it really no big deal? I'd like to hear YOUR opinions on the matter. 

Media links here:

Monday, March 5, 2012

The past 2 weeks..

Thank you ASPCA!!!

I was trying really hard to avoid going into all of this on my makeup page or blog.

Since my blog(and thus this page) and my Youtube channel are connected some commentary about *this* situation may spill over onto here. I haven't seen any yet except for on YT, but I felt like I should probably just clue you all in to what is currently going on just in case. Anyone who is a YT subscriber of mine may have already noticed some comments on this subject on my channel or latest video.

To summarize for those who don't feel like reading the news article: Caboodle Ranch is (was) a large scale cat hoarder who operated under the guise of being a wonderful 501c3 non-profit rescue & sanctuary for cats. In reality it was little more than a concentration camp for cats. He never adopted out a single cat, never kept medical records, didn't allow volunteers, no spay/neuter programs in place, not enough proper medical care or disease prevention, no protection from predators, no proper disposal of deceased cats, no euthanasia for suffering, dying cats, filthy conditions... the list is endless. Last Monday it was finally raided by PETA and the ASPCA in the largest seizure of cats from one location in the ASPCA's history. 

How did I get involved in all this you ask?

By opening my big, fat mouth of course. 

When I found out about Caboodle Ranch I was immediately suspicious of how one man could take care of 700+ cats with very little outside help. And upon asking several questions to the owners of this ranch, it was very clear that something was really wrong. And when something is REALLY wrong I do what I can about it. And the only thing I could do was email a lot of organizations, talk to experts, and take to social media to get my message out there. It turned out that I was not alone in this, and that actually there was a lot of evidence to back up my suspicions. I made a series of Youtube videos that were viewed by a lot of people involved (including animal planet) either directly or indirectly and garnered some negative attention for Caboodle. That is my only role in this story. But it has been enough for Caboodle Ranch supporters to harass me since that first video (which I took down when Nanette Entriken threatened to sue me). I never expected a video, and some random activism to turn into such a big part of my life these past couple of years, but it has. I am just a blogger. 

So that's why my posting has been so flaky and erratic the past 2 weeks. That's why @Patricia is helping out on admin (Thanks so much!). And that's why I have not had time to enter a lot of your contests that I want to, and haven't interacted a lot. Things WILL settle down soon. It's just been crazy the past few weeks first with my Grandpa passing away, and then this and some other personal stuff. Just bare with me for now and when all this craziness is FINALLY over I WILL be having my amazing 500 fans/1 year Bloggiversary giveaway i've been promising to you. If anyone has any questions about any of this just feel free to ask. If you do see negative comments here just report them and ignore them. 

Thank you for understanding!
♥- Kaitlyn

For more info on Caboodle Ranch's seizure please see the following:

This is the video that got me into trouble lol