Tuesday, May 17, 2011

NYXGATE: The Aftermath

Yesterday I blogged about NYX's pseudo-sale. Since then tons of blogs have been chronicling the saga, several "Boycott NYX" facebook pages have been made, and there is even a twitter dedicated to the scam. I cannot say I am surprised though. I figured that after yesterday when thousands of former customers voiced their distaste with how the situation was handled, NYX would have seen their error and apologized. Haven't they ever heard the expression 'the customer is always right'?

They did release this statement (after wasting most of the day deleting negative facebook comments)
Heh "suporters"

I think their complete and total lack of accountability is just disgusting. It's the fans fault that we mobbed their website and broke their servers with our rabid makeup bloodlust. They were the ones who were not technologically prepared OR properly stocked for this sale. I find it more than suspicious that just hours after they ended the sale their website worked perfectly. If they were not prepared to offer this sale to all of their customers than it should never have been offered in the first place. Most companies would have just bit the bullet and extended their sale.

And what about the 50% off promo code that we were promised yesterday morning? I emailed them as requested to receive this special code. Nothing. Finally I emailed back this evening and got this reply:

"Thank you for the follow up Kaitlyn. We will be granting all those who have submitted their information the discount code. We will notify you as soon as distribution begins. We want to make sure there are absolutely no problems redeeming your discount.
Thank you!
NYX Cosmetics"

Their tone is still dripping with snark. Had they chosen to reply to my first email I would have had no need to "follow up" with them. Since then I've heard that several people have received their codes, but they aren't working correctly (insert WAH WAH WAH sound effect here). I don't know about anyone else but I don't think I want to continue to shop with a company who has shown nothing but contempt for it's enthusiasts. It's simply unwise to bite the hand that feeds you.

So did anyone spend their NYX sale money they saved on anything good? I spent my money HERE (can't wait to receive my order!)


  1. I used the money I would have purchased their products with to instead order from Fyrinnae!
    Their Pixie Epoxy is back, and I got some seriously beautiful eye shadows!

    Bye Bye Nyx! Don't need you!
    It was a scam all along- proof being in the website working perfectly once everything was back to regular pricing.

  2. I almost ended up going with Fyrinnae as well. There's about 10 amazing eyeshadows of theirs I don't have that I need badlllllyyyyy.

  3. I went ahead and purchased through MAC.

    NYX is just an awful company!!!

  4. Did you get anything from the Surf Baby Surf line?

  5. I took my money elsewhere also, I am never dealing with them again.

  6. atrocious....i was giving them the benefit of the doubt at first, but clearly something fishy is up how the site was just FINE after the sale...wow


  7. Just love the way you write =) straight and to the point =)


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