Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Drugstore dupes: I won't tell if you don't ;)

Recently I've been obsessed with finding cheaper duplicates to lipsticks that are in the more expensive price range. I have to admit that I haven't had great luck thus far. Maybe it's because I'm biased. I really would rather spend $13 for a tube of MAC lipstick which I know I will use up completely than spending $4 on a drugstore lipstick which i'll use maybe a handful of times.

But let's face it... not everyone (myself included) can always afford to splurge on great high-end lipsticks. So this is where our fabulous drugstore dupes come into play! I found 2 that I am absolutely in love with, and a few you're better off skipping.

#1: Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick in #677 Siren
This would be a great dupe for MUFE Rouge Artist Intense in #40. It is very, very close in shade. Swatched next to each other the difference is that MUFE is more matte, and delivers opaque color in one swipe. The Revlon Siren shade needs to be applied more heavily to achieve as bold of a look. In texture it is pretty moist, and wears comfortably. You will need to re-apply this way more than you would with the MUFE unfortunately. All in all the shade is great, it has minimal smell, is moist, applies easily. If you want to try the bold orange lip look this season this Revlon lipstick will only set you back about $7.

MUFE #40 on the left side, Revlon Siren on the right side 

Revlon Siren in natural lighting

Revlon left, MUFE right

I also tried CoverGirl NatureLuxe Gloss Balm in their 2 orange toned shades Coral and Anemone as possible glosses that may work over orange lipsticks. I wasn't a fan. They are more of a balm, and the color is very very sheer. Even on bare lips I can't really see any shade enhancement. They do moisturize lips well however.

#2: Covergirl Lip Perfection in #365 Enchantress 
 Let me just say that first of all, I LOVE the formula. It goes on very satiny, and smooth. I do not like that this is a frost instead of just a plain matte though. It also stains lips just a tad bit. Other than that fact I think this would be a suitable dupe for Lime Crime's Countessa shade. It's not a perfect match, but it's close enough if you want to pull off a similar look. The same thing goes for their Divine shade- it would be a suitable dupe for Airborne Unicorn- but not a perfect match. Lip perfection has decent staying power so you won't need to constantly touch it up. At about $8, I forsee buying more of this lipstick in my not-so-distant future.

Covergirl Enchantress

Lastly I tried out a 99 cent Wet and Wild lipstick in shade #528A expecting to hate it. I was actually pleasantly surprised how well it applied, and how good it looked. I'm not sure that it's a suitable dupe for anything other than your very basic shimmery peach-pink shade, but if you only have $1 to spend you won't be disappointed lol ;)

Wet and Wild #528A

From L to R: Wet and Wild #528A, Covergirl Natureluxe in Coral, Revlon Siren, MUFE #40, and Covergirl Enchantress

What are your favorite drugstore dupes???


  1. love this post its perfect I never really buy Mac so I can't find dupes but your lip color looks great with your piercing

  2. Thanks!!

    I'm not one of those people who go nuts and buy all MAC makeup but their lipsticks are definitely my fav :)


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