Monday, May 16, 2011

NYX: 12th Anniversary FAIL

I, like many other makeup divas, was really looking forward to NYX's 12th anniversary sale. Every singular product on their website was only $1.20. What a great opportunity for MUA's and thrifty gals to stock up right?? Sound too good to be true? was.
sale advertisement from NyxCosmetics Facebook fan page

For most of us the experience was an exercise in frustration. It took hours to get your products into your cart, and once you went to check out the page would crash. One would think they would have closed the website for maintenance while they fixed the problem, starting the sale when their website functioned correctly for everyone. At the very least they could have extended their sale another 24 hours. Or they could have held this sale several weeks from now when they are better stocked and better prepared. But no. What they did was post a bunch of snarky replies to customers tweeting them and messaging them on facebook. According to many people who actually called customer service they were even hung up on. One would think the company would be ashamed of their huge faux pas ....

Guess not!

So let me get this straight. Out of oh say..56,337 facebook fans... NYX considers "several hundred" sales a success??? Really, because I just wanted 3 brozers for 3.60 instead of 36.00 and you weren't able to make that happen for me in the 12 hours I wasted of my life on your website. 

this is me hour 24 of NYXgate

To rectify this motherfuckery NYX so graciously offers us a 50% off promotion plus free shipping even though their failed sale offered around a 90% discount. All you have to do is email them. That's right. Their servers were too overloaded to deal with the sale they advertised, but hey, everyone should hurry up and email them ASAP. That makes a lot of sense. 

What a PR nightmare. 

Will you be purchasing from NYX using this 50% code (or at all)???


  1. Not purchasing. Ever. This was going to be my first time...I'm -very- sensitive-skinned and have to be smart with my money (i.e - I'll spend $500 on a haul, but it'll be from a brand that doesn't wreck my skin), so I start out with small purchases from a prospective new addition to my addiction.

    They won't ever ever see my money. I wasted 24 hours practically begging to throw it at them. My integrity is not worth 50%.

  2. What makes this bad for me is that I am tempted to buy their products, since I have never tried them but because of this whole fiasco, I would rather got to ELF, MAC on a good day when I have the cash, Mary Kay or Avon. I was looking forward to that sale and now I may have to spend a little more in the long run to look good for my friend's wedding.

  3. Will not buy from these imbesils EVER! My cart (which took 16 hrs to put together) would have come to $31.20. AFTER the "sale" was over, if it ever even began, My cart was a whopping $249.50. Even at 50% it's no where near the advertised sale price. When I called CS the little girl (sounded like she was 13) put me on hold 3 times and couldn't get her story straight. They should have shut down the sale for a day or even a week to get their sh*t together instead of stringing us along for 2 days straight. TOTAL waste of time. NYX is a SAD excuse for a company.


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