Monday, February 13, 2012

I'm falling in love....

....With these special edition items from my favorite indie shops. What did you think I meant? ;)

Anyways I am SO not into cheesy hallmark holidays, but I do like makeup and pink girly stuff so I thought a lot of the limited edition stuff was worthwhile this year. I've already reviewed Ragdoll's Bath & Beauty's Conversation Hearts collection-which was spectacular. So I figured I would briefly cover a few more things that I received lately and really loved.

1. Pretty Addictions's I Love You set/Sweetie Pie collection 

The set includes 4 eyes shadow colors, a blush, and a luminizing powder. All of it came packaged in an adorable tinsel filled hard plastic heart. All of the eye shadows came in 5g jars without sifters while the luminizer was in a slightly smaller jar (3g I believe?) with a sifter, and the blush comes in a generous 10g jar with a sifter. The colors are all very finely blended, and super pigmented (especially the blush!!). The colors included in this set are:

1. Coconut Cream- A pure bright white with just a hint of shimmer.

2. Strawberry Cream- A shimmery pastel strawberry milkshake pink.

3. Banana Cream- A pale creamy yellow.

4. Choco cherry Cheesecake- a shimmery dark brown filled with red and gold glitter. My favorite of the bunch!

5.Shattered pearls luminizer- A gorgeous pinkish white shimmery highlighter. Think benefit highbeam in powder form.

6. Sex kitten (blush)- A HOT pink with blue undertones, and iridescent blue glitter. MUST SEE.

I was so impressed by the pigmentation of all the colors for starters. Pastel colors are kind of hit and miss for me, and these ones were definitely a hit. I am absolutely in love with the shattered pearls, and the blush. It really doesn't look like a wearable blush shade at first lol. GO EASY with your application and you'll be fine though. Pretty Addictions is a company I am fairly new to shopping with but I have to admit I am already a big fan. I plan to do a more in-depth full review of this shop at some point soon but this should give you a little taste of how wonderful their products are. :)

love this really, I do 

2. JujuBead's Jewelry Valentine's day set #1

Jujubead's Jewelry tends to offer little combination sets from time to time and they are always a great deal. This one is particularly cute. It comes with 2 limited edition pieces of makeup (an eye shadow and tinted lip balm) and a pair of delicate crystal heart earrings embellished with tiny silver bows. Um..I seriously think I liked the cute box for the earrings as much as the earrings themselves lol. Juli is the queen of cute packaging! All of it comes wrapped perfectly in a small decorated organza bag. 

The eye shadow is a pale rose pink with an antique gold shift. It is probably one of the most gorgeous pinks I currently own. Mixed with a small amount of clear gloss or balm, this makes quite a pretty lip gloss color as well. The tinted balm in this set is a super shimmery pinkish nude called "Secret Admirer". I am addicted to this balm and I am hoping she mite consider keeping this one around for while. I really like how pigmented it is without being dry or thick feeling. The sugared strawberry and white chocolate scent is very pleasant and almost smells like a real fresh strawberry. The earrings as always are beautifully crafted and one of a kind. The sweet bows combined with the fuchsia crystals are so feminine and almost have a lolita flair to them. 
Juju never disappoints!  

omg look at the tiny cute box!

3. Abigail's Boutique Designs Satin Sheets wickless candle

Okay, so you're probably like "Wait, this isn't makeup....". And no it's not makeup but let's not forget that Abigail's Boutique Designs does so much more than just make great mineral makeup. You may or may not be aware of this...but Robyn makes the best smelling candles on Earth. I don't know what she does special nor do I care. All I know is that her scents are beyond amazing. Forget about Scentsy forever and just get yourself one of these wickless candles. 

I didn't really know very much about wickless candles previously in all honesty.

They are actually a lot cleaner, and safer than traditional candles. Just heat them up in the appropriate candle warmer and in minutes your entire house will be filled with your chosen scent. This limited edition scent is really hard to describe. It's kind of clean, floral, and almost powder scented? It smells soooo good. I thought the little heart in the middle was a cute touch too. This candle came in a square glass jar, and was packaged in a very pretty decorated box. It is a pretty big candle and i've already used it a few times without even making a dent out of it. I imagine these last quite awhile. I definitely am going to need to get more of these candles in different scents.

Annnd of course you know AbbyGirl has a special mini-collection called Urban Valentine out as well :)

You can check out these shops for yourself at the following links:

<3- Kaitlyn