Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My love affair with circle lenses

I started wearing circle lenses (rather than regular American colored lenses) about a year and a half ago. I discovered them on the internet while looking for contacts that gave the illusion of larger eyes. The first thing I noticed about the lenses was that they DID make eyes look bigger, and more intense. The second thing I noticed was that they were kind of tricky to order from overseas. I eventually stumbled upon , and felt very comfortable ordering from them as they have always had stellar customer reviews. I was thrilllllled with the lenses that I chose. I ordered 2 more pairs within a week of receiving my first order. (sadly they no longer sell circle lenses, but they do have lots of awesome imported makeup you cannot get anywhere else)

Now before I go on any further I need to mention that these lenses are not FDA approved. The reason for this is that they can exceed the maximum diameter & circumference standards for the USA. Many optometrists feel that they are dangerous because of this and can possibly scratch corneas.. leading to vision problems.  Do not wear any type of contact lens without first visiting your optometrist for a contact lens fitting. What I can say about all the controversy surrounding circle lenses is that I have never had a problem with these lenses myself, and I've never personally known anyone else whose vision was damaged. Just do your research, and make your own educated decision if you're planning to purchase circle lenses.

I only wear mine about 1-2 times a week and for only 4-6 hours. They are usually very moist and comfortable, so at any time when my eyes feel dried out I know it's time to remove them. Just like any contact lenses you need to keep them really clean to prevent eye infections. They are fairly durable so when cared for properly they will last you about 8 months. Make sure to keep the vials they came in so that you know when they are expired. Always put any lenses in before you've applied your makeup- this is important! Your hands need to be clean before putting something on your eyeball..go figure.

I have found that they can really enhance eye makeup depending on what colors you choose. Silvery grey lenses like Geo's Nudy grey really look amazing with a dark smokey eye. The right colored lenses in combination with the right colored eye makeup can totally transform a makeup look. Other than that, it's simply fun to be able to change not only your eye's color, but also it's shape. I also like that they are intended for darker eyes like mine.

This is some of my collection. A lot of these are expired, and went to contact lens heaven (R.I.P.) Excuse the random candid photos & my terrible eyebrows ;P
Geo Nudy Grey

Geo Wing series in Purple
EOS Dolly eye in blue
EOS Dolly eye in green
Geo Nudy in grey

My personal favs- Geo Nudy in golden blue

These are not circle lenses. These are FX lenses sold on your average run of the mill contact lens website- or even- Halloween store! I put this up as a size comparison to the circle lenses. If it's legal for Americans to sell these FX lenses, then why not circle lenses?

Angelic green FX lenses. If my eyes look red, and irritated it's because they were

Currently I am looking for another reliable supplier. So I won't recommend any websites to you that I have not personally ordered from. If you are a seller, or have experience with a great seller please shoot me an email at and give me a heads up!

What's your favorite style of circle lens?

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