Thursday, March 26, 2015

Join me on my new blog

I have decided to switch over to wordpress because I would like my blog to be a little more organized and have a cleaner overall look, I wanted to totally start over pretty much. My blog is now located HERE but this one will remain up for those who still would like to reread archives. 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Creations By Jerilyn- Jewelry Review

Recently I had the pleasure of receiving a beautiful handmade necklace to review from a small indie online jewelry shop that I am following on facebook. I was drawn to her designs because I feel that they are very unique but also are affordable for the quality and materials used. I like that she utilizes crystals and natural stones in a way that is a bit more modern and distinctive than what one might expect. I've always been a fan of wire wrapped crystals, but let's face it..they are all pretty similar for the most part. However, I find Creations by Jerilyn to be just a bit more eye catching than that while still appealing to those of us who like the look of natural stones, glass and crystal.

The necklace I received was is a copper and rose quartz Tree of Life necklace. Each of these necklaces is a little bit unique as they are handmade. Mine came with a deep brown multi-strand cord necklace with a particularly pretty copper clasp.

Back of the necklace. I love the tree 'roots'.

Depending on the light the stones can either look pale pink or clear.  

Packaging and business card.

First of all I would like to note that this particular necklace design comes in several styles and colors. It usually retails for about $35. I have noticed that this shop often has sales and promotions though, so if you're on a budget it's definitely worthwhile to watch out for those. Her jewelry ranges in price from around $10-$130. The Tree of Life necklace can be purchased  HERE. or HERE.

The quality of the necklace itself was impeccable. None of the crystal beads are loose or cracked, the clasp is very secure, the cord is nice quality, and overall is a very nice piece of jewelry. I also liked the length of cord. I've worn this out and about several times and have gotten many compliments each time! It makes a statement without being gaudy or too large and flashy.

Her shipping was really quick, less than a week for me. I thought that her packaging was not only very secure, but also suitable for gift giving without any additional wrapping. I like the custom stickers and tags this shop uses a lot. I think this adds a professional polished touch to the jewelry.

Other than that I found the owner to be very sweet and easy to work with. I am confident that any problem with an order would be treated with excellent customer service. The web store is easy to navigate, and the etsy shop is also stocked with plenty of jewelry to choose from. If you live in Florida you may be lucky enough to catch this store at a craft show or in a brick and mortar boutique. If you're really, really lucky you may have even received one of these at the Academy Awards as part of their celebrity gift lounge ;)

Overall, I really enjoyed my total experience with this shop and plan to continue to be a customer. Whether you're looking for a jewelry piece for that special someone or just something pretty for yourself, Creations by Jerilyn is definitely worth taking a look at. Check out her Etsy store HERE and her facebook like page HERE.

I will be wearing this necklace in my next makeup tutorial so keep an eye on my Youtube channel if you want to see this beauty in action :)

XOXO- Kaitlyn