Monday, September 5, 2011

Alexeter Mineral Makeup Princess Collection review

I was really excited when the Alexeter Mineral Makeup Princess collection was released because I knew I'd love every single color it included. I was not wrong- and honestly the collection even exceeded my expectations if you can believe that. The Princess collection consists of the 4 AMM shades: Princess Buttercup, Princess Lala, Princess Cupcake, and Princess Toad. In my photos you are also seeing an awesome little lime green with a golden shift called Romp. Romp is not part of this collection, but I received it free during a sale event so it snuck into this review too.

Pretty labels!

L-R- Romp, Princess Buttercup, Princess Lala, Princess Cupcake, and Princess Toad. All jars came sealed with shrinkwrap, and contain a sifter.

Top right is AMM shade Romp-not part of the collection. L-R: Princess Buttercup, Princess Lala, Princess Toad, and Princess Cupcake. Used dry, no primer, natural light

Used over white base. Natural light

Oooo shimmery!

When worn dry these colors are shimmery, bright and nicely pigmented. When used wet or over a white base they are extremely vibrant. They all also look excellent over NYX black bean or a similar black base or pencil. Use these wet to bring out their crazy shimmery shine, or dry over eye primer for a sparkly soft look. They are high quality, vegan, and safe for eyes, face, lips, and nails.

I like to occasionally use Princess Lala as a browbone highlight and in the inner corners of my eyes. It's hard to photograph but it is a soft shimmer-packed pink with a very beautiful iridescent sheen to it. Princess cupcake seems to be an AMM fan favorite, and it isn't hard to see why. It's a rosey medium shimmer pink shade. Princess Buttercup is a gorgeous bright buttery yellow. When I ordered the collection I assumed it would be more of a gold shade and was pleasantly surprised by just how bright it applies. I love yellow eyeshadow in general and this one is definitely one that you have got to try for yourself. My absolute favorite color in the Princess collection would have to be Princess Toad. It is an amazing bright minty seafoam green filled with sparkles and shimmer. It looks great any way you apply it and compliments many other colors. It is particularly stunning over a black base or used wet as eyeliner.

Princess Buttercup, Princess Toad, and Romp

You can't see it that well in these pictures but I am wearing Princess Lala, and Princess Cupcake.

Other than having some great colors Alexeter Mineral Makeup has excellent customer service. She packs everything up neatly into a cute hand-stamped green bag filled with confetti, and instructions on how to get the most out of your makeup. Receiving your package from AMM is more like getting something from a friend rather than just another company. You can see the meticulous care that is put into packing every single order. It is evident by all the little details & finishing touches that this business really strives to provide you with a wonderful products as well as a good shopping experience with them.

In addition to those good qualities I also found their shipping to be fast, prices are great, website easy to use, and of course who doesn't love things like frequent facebook promotions and sales? . 

Overall my opinion of this collection is very high. It may be called the Princess collection, but it is totally fit for a queen ;)

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