Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sad things/Happy things

So it's been awhile. Why do I always feel like I am apologizing for being neglectful of my blog? Anyways... I have come to the conclusion that this blog will never be neat and have scheduled posts like much nicer blogs.

I've been more neglectful these last 2 months than I meant to be however. As you may already know I also do cat rescue. This summer it came to my attention that someone I used to consider a good friend was involved in some neglect of a more serious nature. For reasons I will never be able to begin to understand she and her boyfriend were not feeding a litter of 4 kittens in their possession, or taking care of them in any way. One of them had a warble (bot fly larvae) buried in a wound above his eye that she was going to remove herself with tweezers instead of going to a vet. Nothing could convince those people to take that kitten to the vet and he was going to die. Now if you know would know that I'd spend my last dime helping an animal. Long story short, I insisted on taking them all. And they all did really good for awhile. They ate, grew nice shiny healthy coats, got bigger, and grew strong enough to play and rough-house. All except for the little 'runt' of the litter, Apple Bloom.

This whole month I've been back and forth to the vet with her. First she had fevers and wouldn't eat. Then she got a little better and even gained weight and her strength back. I thought she was finally starting to really recover from the abuse at the start of her life . But then she started to decline again very fast. I'd stay up all night with her trying to get her to eat, and just making sure she was comfortable. She was diagnosed with the 'wet' version of FIP which has no cure or treatment. I had become very attached to her by then. She was my favorite out of the litter. Even though she probably felt sick her entire life she just loved me. She loved my roommate. She loved the vet. She loved anyone who even glanced in her general direction. She was always purring and needed to be snuggling in someone's lap at all times. There was nothing I could do to save her- which was devastating. I'd like to take some sort of divine lesson out of this whole mess, but I'm honestly not there just yet.
here's her when she was feeling good

You're probably depressed now and wondering why I told you the saddest story ever. Well...I guess I just wanted you all to know what was going on with me recently. I've ignored (well not ignored, but not really replied to either) a lot of comments on my facebook page, not patronized a few select favorite indie companies as much as I would have liked to, and have just generally not been doing the best makeup work. And I know that for the most part people DO understand, but I just wanted to address it incase anyone didn't. I also wanted to thank everyone who had kind words for me or shared their own story of pet loss. I appreciate all you guys' support always. I have made a lot of special friends in the beauty community and I am so glad to know you all.

Now for a few happy things:

  • I am starting to get back into the swing of things here so be expecting some reviews of the stuff I've gotten lately. (and if you've sent me something recently and i've yet to review it- again- SO sorry). This also includes a hair dye review!
  • Later this month I will be doing a look for TeamPinkEye - which is a group of bloggers & small businesses that are using the power of social media to raise awareness & funding for Breast Cancer. Many cool giveaways are going on right now to raise money to be donated to the Susan G. Komen foundation. I'll talk more about it later but in the meantime don't miss your opportunity to bid on some great items for an even greater cause. Go >HERE< for more info! :)
  •  There is always something good happening at Abigail's Boutique Designs! This month only the 'Pink Hope' Collection is available for $15 with $5 of every collection sold being donated to the Breast Cancer foundation. Just another way you can give back while getting something nice in return :)
Pink Hope collection
  • One of the other foster kittens is healthy, spayed and being adopted on Monday :)

Anyways..that's what's been going on. I am hoping the rest of the fall is a little bit better than the beginning.

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  1. :') Your so great! I just gained a whole lot of respect for you!! =D


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