Monday, March 5, 2012

The past 2 weeks..

Thank you ASPCA!!!

I was trying really hard to avoid going into all of this on my makeup page or blog.

Since my blog(and thus this page) and my Youtube channel are connected some commentary about *this* situation may spill over onto here. I haven't seen any yet except for on YT, but I felt like I should probably just clue you all in to what is currently going on just in case. Anyone who is a YT subscriber of mine may have already noticed some comments on this subject on my channel or latest video.

To summarize for those who don't feel like reading the news article: Caboodle Ranch is (was) a large scale cat hoarder who operated under the guise of being a wonderful 501c3 non-profit rescue & sanctuary for cats. In reality it was little more than a concentration camp for cats. He never adopted out a single cat, never kept medical records, didn't allow volunteers, no spay/neuter programs in place, not enough proper medical care or disease prevention, no protection from predators, no proper disposal of deceased cats, no euthanasia for suffering, dying cats, filthy conditions... the list is endless. Last Monday it was finally raided by PETA and the ASPCA in the largest seizure of cats from one location in the ASPCA's history. 

How did I get involved in all this you ask?

By opening my big, fat mouth of course. 

When I found out about Caboodle Ranch I was immediately suspicious of how one man could take care of 700+ cats with very little outside help. And upon asking several questions to the owners of this ranch, it was very clear that something was really wrong. And when something is REALLY wrong I do what I can about it. And the only thing I could do was email a lot of organizations, talk to experts, and take to social media to get my message out there. It turned out that I was not alone in this, and that actually there was a lot of evidence to back up my suspicions. I made a series of Youtube videos that were viewed by a lot of people involved (including animal planet) either directly or indirectly and garnered some negative attention for Caboodle. That is my only role in this story. But it has been enough for Caboodle Ranch supporters to harass me since that first video (which I took down when Nanette Entriken threatened to sue me). I never expected a video, and some random activism to turn into such a big part of my life these past couple of years, but it has. I am just a blogger. 

So that's why my posting has been so flaky and erratic the past 2 weeks. That's why @Patricia is helping out on admin (Thanks so much!). And that's why I have not had time to enter a lot of your contests that I want to, and haven't interacted a lot. Things WILL settle down soon. It's just been crazy the past few weeks first with my Grandpa passing away, and then this and some other personal stuff. Just bare with me for now and when all this craziness is FINALLY over I WILL be having my amazing 500 fans/1 year Bloggiversary giveaway i've been promising to you. If anyone has any questions about any of this just feel free to ask. If you do see negative comments here just report them and ignore them. 

Thank you for understanding!
♥- Kaitlyn

For more info on Caboodle Ranch's seizure please see the following:

This is the video that got me into trouble lol


  1. Well i think you are doing something very good. What the person was doing was wrong won't stop me from being a fan/customer.

  2. Well i think you are doing something very good. What the person was doing was wrong won't stop me from being a fan/customer.


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