Thursday, March 29, 2012

Makeup Fairyz Review

I recently had the pleasure of trying out a few samples of different products from Makeup Fairyz.

Cherries ala mode, Teena Marie, Pecan Sandies 

I'd like to start off this review by mentioning that this is a VERY new company that has only been open about 6 months. I'm sure as time goes on they may decide to tweak some formulations and make other changes so please be aware that this is my review of how things are at this moment. I think this is a pretty unique business, and I look forward to watching them grow as time progresses..

The other thing I would like to mention is that my post office just destroyed this envelope. It was taped really good with some sort of decorative duct tape and the whole bottom of the envelope was still ripped open so I'm not sure what the heck happened to it. I do not think I lost any samples, but some of them got a little scrunched up and the names wore off. I really cannot comment much on the presentation of the products just due to the fact that I don't think that's an accurate representation of what a customer usually gets. I'm also unsure of the names of a few of the products because of that same situation. Please bare with me here lol.

L-R: Willow, Party Animal creme shadow, Smurfberry Souffle, Fair Maidenz creme shadow, Teena Marie, Cherries Ala Mode, Pecan Sandies, Cinnamon lip slickz?, A purple creme shadow?, and Bad Gurlz Browniez scented lotion & solid perfume

1. Bad Gurlz Browniez Scented lotion & solid perfume:

First of all I absolutely love the Bad Gurlz Browniez scent. It is a rich chocolate fudge brownie scent mixed with a hint of sharp organic cannabis. What I like about this scent is that the chocolate smell doesn't smell fake or cheap. I am usually very picky about fragrances that use hints of chocolate because to me sometimes it smells like plastic or something. This definitely smells rich and exotic. I also like how long lasting the scent is without being overpowering. I sometimes have trouble with heavily scented lotions due to my super sensitive skin. I was really impressed that Bad Gurl Browniez didn't irritate my skin at ALL and was actually very moisturizing. I like these two layered for a fragrance that lasts 6+ hours. These both came in clamshells, but I do believe the lotion is now available in a large size along with some other yummy scented lotions.

2. Fairyz Dusts:

I enjoyed all the dry fairyz dust colors very much. I especially love how vibrant Cherries ala mode is. Willow is just a tad bit pinker and less sparkly but the two photograph very similar. I thought the overall quality and pigmentation of all of them were very good. I think a few of the more pigmented colors could possible stand to be a tad bit more blendable. I think for a new company the shade range they have is pretty unique and fun.

3. Creme Shadows/slickz

Now all of these say they are lip safe except the one I couldn't read so I am assuming that these double as a lip color as well. At least I hope so..because I tried them all on my lips lol. I LOVE the party animal shade not only as a creme eyeshadow but definitely as a lip gloss as well. It's a very bright Barbie pink with tons of silver glitter throughout. Fair Maidenz is a creamy metallic brown shade and also looks nice on lips as well as  eyes. I believe the gold colored creme is actually lip slickz cinnamon lip plumper. I am not sure how much plumper it makes my lips look but the gold shimmer is gorgeous alone or over lip stick. I really enjoyed all three of these and would purchase full size versions for sure. I think the texture and consistency of these is just perfection. Party Animal is filled with glitter and isn't gritty at ALL. I like these a lot.

Overall my first impression of the Makeup Fairyz is a good one. I like their creative style and friendly down to earth approach to their business. The owner seems very sociable, and like you could probably easily come to her if you had any issues with an order. I've heard lots of great things about her customer service from others as well. A lot of products are only available in clamshells or sample sizes but I think that is something that's in the process of changing. Their prices & shipping seem reasonable for their quality. I would definitely purchase full size versions of most of the products I tried.

Pecan Sandies, Cherries ala mode, Teena Marie

Party Animal as lip gloss

You can get your makeup fairyz HERE and HERE :)

Are you loving their bright reds or what???

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