Tuesday, January 31, 2012

RagDoll's Bath & Beauty: Conversation Hearts collection

Soul Mate, Too Cute, and XoXo

Ragdoll's Bath & Beauty has done it again. Another gorgeous, unique and totally fun holiday collection!

The Conversation Hearts collection is a sweet candy-themed collection consisting of 6 pastel colors. They match the color of the real candy conversation hearts perfectly. These colors are as always very bright and vibrant! While a few of them look pretty matte, they indeed have a very subtle shimmer. I would say these are less matte than the Halloween collection, but I do like their soft shimmer. In my opinion these are SLIGHTLY less blendable than some of RDBB's past collections but these still all apply very smoothly. I really really like these when applied over NYX white eyeshadow base. The base tends to really grab onto the pigments and keep them super bright all day long. These colors stayed on me very well with minimal fading or creasing as the day wore on. For a softer pastel look simple use them dry over a good primer and blend away.

The Conversation Hearts Collection includes six of the following shades:

Soul Mate: A gorgeous soft lavender with subtle shimmer.
XoXo: A bright sunny yellow with subtle shimmer.
Too Cute: A minty seafoam green with subtle shimmer.
True Love: A pure white with very subtle shimmer.
Kiss Me: A vibrant sherbert orange with subtle shimmer.
Be Mine: A bright rose pink with very subtle shimmer.

Dry no primer natural lighting

I would try to narrow it down to my favorite shade, but honestly I love them all. Kiss Me is probably the most unique of the bunch (I so do not have an pastel orange like this in my collection). These aren't your typical everyday colors but they are all surprisingly wearable. This collection is great for those who love pastel or brighter colors.

Xoxo, Be mine, Kiss me

Soul Mate, Xoxo, Too cute

AS ALWAYS her packaging is amazingly cute. The sample set comes wrapped up like the cutest little love letter. I think these extra touches really add something to the whole purchase experience. The care put into putting together every single order is evident. This is one of my favorite things about RDBB! Not to mention every ingredient is listed on every single jar-even samples. It's very professional. I feel very confident in saying that this is a shop that will never ever disappoint you. You'll definitely want to snag this collection for either yourself or your valentine. As always sample sets are available as well as full sized collections at her shop HERE. Also be sure to visit Rag Doll's Bath & Beauty on their facebook fan page HERE to see upcoming collections first!

The Conversation Hearts collection is available for purchase later on today :)


  1. The colours look gorgeous, & the looks you've done are fab. Very creative :) Claire xx

  2. Thank you Clair! These are probably some of my all time favorite colors from this particular shop :)


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