Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Jujubead's Jewelry Review

I fell in love with Jujubead's Jewelry's ear cuffs, and other whimsical jewelry designs when I first discovered the shop last year. Since then she has also released her own line of mineral cosmetics which includes mineral eyeshadow, primer, lip products and mineral foundation. As you may know I also recently became a promoter for her shop.

I don't know if I have said it before on here or not, but I'd just like to say that I would never promote or encourage anyone to buy anything I do not love (and use) myself. I think it's important to really believe in whatever you are promoting.

And Jujubead's Jewelry is definitely something I believe in!

Let's start by talking about the jewelry. The thing I love the most about this shop is that they have a very distinctive style. You can look at a piece and know right away who made it. I think it can be difficult to find unique jewelry even among independent shops. I see copycats of the same jewelry constantly on Etsy.

 Jujubead's Jewelry designs are very clean, and meticulously crafted. They offer a wide range of different ear cuffs and earrings, and are now starting to make a lot of gorgeous new necklace designs. Now I know you're thinking of some big gaudy metal thing from the early 90's when i'm saying "ear cuff". These are soo not gaudy or outdated I promise. Ear cuffs are actually coming back into style here in America and they are already popular in Japan. I personally think they look quite stylish ;) These ear cuffs are also much more comfortable than you would guess they would be. She offers a traditional cuff, or a handmade wire wrapped cuff for those who do not have cartilage piercings in their ears. Don't fret if you do have cartilage piercings though.. as she will gladly swap out the cuff for a stud! I forsee these being a big trend in the near future.

If you are less daring, and just want something girly that's dripping with crystals Jujubead's has that covered as well. They offer many beautiful sparkly things for less than $10!

Moonlight Serenade necklace

Shimmering Night Sky ear cuff

so sparkly in the light!

Next up is their mineral makeup which is fairly new.

Jujubead's colors L-R: Sugar Daddy, In Da Nude, Defeated, Hazelnut, and Midnight Rain

I have only had the chance to try 6 colors of her eyeshadow so far (and one tinted lip balm that I am OBSESSED with) and I really liked all of them. They blend really well, and last a long time when used with a primer. I really like that they have a finely blended powdery texture. Most shades are very shimmery and sparkly while still being really smooth, and never gritty. As I said before this company is very new at selling mineral makeup so she doesn't have a million shades yet, but there definitely is a good variety so far. I do not  have any of her bright shades yet, but I do plan on ordering a bunch and reviewing those soon. From what I have seen though her pinks and purples are amazing! (and I'm missing out lol)

As for other things of interest.. her shipping is super fast!! Everything is packaged really securely to protect your little trinkets. I love all the special touches she puts in all her wrapping and packaging. She even provides you with instructions on how to care for your crystal jewelry, and also how to use her mineral makeup. In addition to everything else Jujubead's has some amazing customer service. That is the main thing that attracted me to this particular business in the first place, and it's also the reason i'll always be a customer. I am pretty sure anyone else who has made a purchase from Jujubead's Jewelry or even just interacted on Juli's facebook fan page will agree with me.

I think the only "con's" for me about the makeup would be that I would like to see shrink wrapped jars in the future to prevent accidental glitter explosions lol. I also like to see jars with ingredients on the back, but she does provide you with a list of all the ingredients and is always happy to answer any questions about them. So for me neither of these things are a big deal.

Sugar Daddy- A sparkly money green

Hazelnut- A medium tan brown filled with glitter and shimmer

Midnight Rain- A true navy blue filled with silver glitter 

In Da Nude- A peachy light bronze with a golden shift. Very shimmery.

Defeated- A shimmering sparkly eggshell white

Dry no primer- natural light

Midnight Rain, Hazelnut and Defeated

Hazelnut, In Da Nude and Defeated (with toki doki ninja dog)

All in all I think this is a wonderful business you should check out for yourself. Keep an eye on Jujubead's Jewelry's facebook fan page HERE to keep updated on the latest styles of jewelry and makeup products. She often has sales, ear cuff of the week, color of the week and just recently dropped the prices of all her makeup! Get your very own ear cuffs HERE and HERE. 

What is your favorite item in Jujubead's Jewelry's shop?

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