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Abigail's Boutique Designs: Pitt Pals & Winter Solstice collection reviews

I haven't blogged much over the holidays just due to being busy and overly stressed. I figured to make up for some lost time I would just combine these two short reviews into one post. I think Pitt Pals and Winter solstice are particularly cool collections to compare anyways because they have a few similar colors that are done in totally different ways. You guys already know that I am a promoter for ABD and have heard all about their quality product and service. I mainly will just be reviewing the colors for you here.

The Pitt Pals collection consists of six soft shimmery shades. The texture of these eye shadows is sooo smooth that it is almost creamy. It blends beautifully. All the colors are a little shimmery and some contain just a small amount of sparkle. I think the soft subtle colors are so nice for every day wear. This is a collection that would be great for someone who doesn't like very bright or loud colors.

Blue Suede- Is a pale shimmery light blue-grey. It is exactly the color of blue suede. It has subtle sparkles and a super creamy texture. This is my favorite color in this collection.

Red Almighty- Is a brown toned peachy pink that is filled with gold glitter. Again it's pretty subtle but at the same time it is packed with shimmery goodness. I really love this color used in combo with wine/brown/mauve/burgundy colors.

Socialized- Is a soft mustard-y golden shimmery yellow. It looks very pale in the jar but applies slightly darker than you would think. I really like how muted this gold is while still being pretty flashy.

Brindle Beauty- Is a soft medium tawny brown with cream and black colored sparkles. This is another one of those great sparkly browns I've been liking for winter 2012.

Fawn- is a very pale shimmery fawn brown highlight shade. This one I think looks slightly more pale than it appears in the jar when applied. I like to mix this one with Brindle Beauty for a super natural neutral look.

Bully this- Is a very light, sparkly pastel spring green. This is definitely the most sparkly one in the bunch. It's very shimmery, smooth and creamy textured like the rest of the colors.

The Verdict:

I love this collection as it's very different than what I usually purchase. I think the best thing about this particular Abby-girl creation is that you can tell Robyn put a lot of her heart in it. Pitt Bulls are not born bad. It's us human beings who exploit them into fighting, over breed them until their genetics are terrible, and dump them at shelters who won't adopt out bully breeds. Anything that brings awareness to these sweet dog's plight is an amazing deed.

I promise I will never ever take pics against a red background again. I dunno what I was thinking.

Bully This! super sparkles

Red almighty, brindle beauty, fawn, and also non-collection shade eggplant

Bully this, fawn, socialized, brindle beauty

Tutorial using Pitt Pals

The Winter Solstice collection was like no other holiday collection this winter. It contains no boring traditional shades but instead ampted up versions of winter favorites. Each shade is packed with shimmer and glittery goodness. This collection is definitely not subtle haha.

Holidazzle- Is a magenta hot pink shade filled with pink shimmer and glitter. It looks similar to ABD color 'Tantrum' in some photos but actually Holidazzle is the brighter of the two.

Glitz- Is a bright gold shade that is SO shimmery it was almost impossible to photograph. I found it to be very pigmented  for a lighter shade of gold.

Tuxedo- Is the most amazing Gunmental grey-black you will ever see. It is filled with deep blue and silver glitter. It can be worn very dark (almost black) or it can be blended to be a softer shade of steel silver. If you like sparkly blacks you will want this color.

Chillax- Is a bright medium blue filled with shimmer and glitter. It can be toned down quite a bit but a little bit of this color goes a long way. It surprised me with how bright it actually is.

Pucker Up- Is a medium evergreen shade. Like the others it is shimmery and fairly sparkly, but it's not too over the top.

Glam- Is the best silver ever. Period. This is so so so so so SPARKLY! Be mindful of fallout when applying this one. As with all glittery shadows you do not want them in your eye.

The Verdict:

Buy it if you're like me and love vibrant glittery shades. If you do NOT love glitter you're better off going with something more like the Pitt Pals collection. Personally I think Tuxedo and Glam make a very glamorous smokey eye.

Tuxedo and Glitz

Chillax and Pucker Up

Holidazzle and Glam
Blue Suede, chillax , tuxedo, and smoothie

Holidazzle and Chillax

As always feel free to ask me about either collection if you would like to know more. Both are currently available from Abigail's Boutique Designs . Are you a blogger/makeup artist/active youtube reviewer?? Abigail's Boutique Designs is currently looking for promoters. Go to her facebook fan page HERE to find out more info or just watch this video :

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