Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Review: Abigail's Boutique Designs Smurf Collection

Sample sized Smurf collection

As you may already know, Abigail's Boutique Designs released an amazing Smurf inspired collection late this summer.

The Smurf Collection consists of six very fun yet versatile shades.These colors are really packed with sparkle, and  shimmer- which you know I am a big fan of. As usual they are fairly pigmented, and super blend-able.

I usually just use these over my E.l.f mineral eye primer, and they show up vibrantly every time. They do however look great used over NYX white eyeshadow base if you're wanting a brighter look. When used wet these colors will just blow you away at how shiny they really are. I think 'Smurfville' + a foiling serum would be a sight to behold ;)

Included in this collection is:

Big Papa- A cranberry red shade that can be worn dry for a subtle look, or worn wet for a festive sparkling metallic look.

Brainy- Brainy is a soft sparkly brown with sort of a mauve-ish undertone. If you like Abigail Boutique Designs color 'Blackberry cobbler' you will love Brainy & Gargamel.

Gargamel- is a soft sparkly brown with a purple-ish undertone. This shade looks incredible any way you apply it.

Smurfette- is a shimmery Robin's egg blue with just the slightest hint of gold. It is a very soft and dreamy looking blue that would compliment many different skin tones.

Smurfling- is my favorite of the bunch! Smurfling is a very pale sparkly lavender that has an intense shine when used wet. I love this as a highlight shade.

Smurfville- is a sparkling shimmery olive green with hints of gold. I think this color is really the gem of the whole collection. For me it is difficult to find a shade of green eyeshadow that I like with my skin tone, and this one is just perfect.

top row swatched over white base, 2nd row dry no primer

still amazingly vibrant with no primer

Sooo sparkly

I made a video tutorial for the look you see here using Smurfville, Smurfling, and Smurfette that can be seen below :) Overall I'd have to say that I have no complaints about this collection whatsoever! These colors are just fantastic and appeal to neutral lovers & bright, fun color lovers alike. If you prefer mattes or do not like glitter this collection might not be up your alley though. I do think a little sparkle is always fun & festive ;)


You can get your Smurf Collection *Here*

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