Tuesday, September 18, 2012

5 tips to help you prepare for a photo shoot

Whether you are new to modeling or just having some amazing photos taken there are a few things you can do to look your best in front of the lens. These are things that I feel are important details but may be overlooked if you are unsure of what to do or even just in a hurry. So here are my best tips for looking the best for your photos:

1. Groom your brows. 

Whether you wax or pluck your eyebrows, be sure they are freshly groomed a few days before your shoot. Do not do them the night before or right before your shoot in case of redness and irritation. Be aware of the shape of your brows-Do not overpluck, or create a crazy un-natural arch. For the love of God ..DO NOT shave your eyebrows off and attempt to draw them back on. Thicker eyebrows are very popular for fall this year. Here is a helpful chart that will give you an idea of what your ideal brow shape should be.

2. Maintain your hair. 

This seems like a no-brainer here, but don't forget about your hair! Make sure your roots have been touched up if you have dyed hair. If you dye your hair bright colors be sure to get all that color off your hairline and skin or it will show up in pictures. Trim any split ends, and deep condition your hair if it needs a little bit of extra love. An ice water rinse will turn up the shine the day of your shoot. If you have frizzy hair you should use the appropriate hair products and blow dry your hair out. Do not show up to a photo shoot with dull, dirty hair that needs to be re-colored- Editing won't take care of that.

3. Have gorgeous skin.

Now before you run out and buy a bunch of new skin creams- DON'T! Stick to skin treatments and lotions that your skin is used to. You don't want to cause a breakout or allergic reaction right before your shoot. DO moisturize, take care of any streaky fake tans or tan lines, exfoliate, and most importantly drink a lot of water. DON'T freak out if your skin isn't perfect or if you have a last minute breakout- It's really not that big of a deal. Lots of models do have skin issues and they can easily be hidden with expert makeup.

Here's a video recipe of a very easy DIY spa mask I made a while ago.


4. Check your foundation.

Sometimes people have skin tones that are just hard to match. And sometimes people are just confused and buy makeup that is 2 shades too dark. Check and apply your foundation in natural light. Do you have a noticeable line at your jaw? Your foundation isn't blended/doesn't match. You may need to mix several foundations to make a shade customized to your skin so experiment with it. Do not use a BB cream or a foundation with high SPF in it on the day of your photoshoot because the Titanium Dioxide will cause a white reflect in your photos. Also avoid dark bronzers.

Bad Uma!

5. Blend your eye makeup.

If you are having a makeup artist do your makeup you can skip this step. If you cannot get a professional to help you make sure your look is polished. Do not attempt dark black eye makeup or a smokey eye if you have issues with blending- Black will call all the more attention to this problem. Go for soft neutrals instead. Don't do crazy eyeliner designs unless the shoot calls for that. Use colors that either compliment each other and look at a color wheel if you need ideas. Use professional brushes- don't waste your time with sponge tip applicators or your fingers. Don't forget primer and a base to make your mineral eye shadows more vibrant and long lasting. Tape, a business card, or a shadow shield will keep you from getting fall out under your eyes. Use colors that compliment your eye color to make them pop. 

Pick colors opposite of your eye color on the color wheel

Hopefully you found this guide helpful, and do not forget that confidence is always the best asset you can have ;)

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