Friday, August 5, 2011

Sugarpill virgin: a mini review

I finally broke down and bought some Sugarpill makeup.

I have been curious to try Sugarpill cosmetics ever since it's launch on 2/7/2010. Sugarpill is the baby of the ultra-trendy fashionista Amy Doan AKA Shrinkle. Everyone has just been raving about this makeup on all the blogs so I was expecting great things right off the bat- and my expectations have been happily met!

I really cannot say enough good things about this indie makeup company. First of all the shipping was ridiculously fast. I ended up receiving my package the same week I placed my order. I didn't really expect SP to be so speedy with the huge amount of orders they are probably getting, so it was just a pleasant surprise. The makeup was packed well and shipped in an adorable kitty box lined with hot pink paper. I am a big fan of their packaging. Everything is really cute without looking like it was intended for a child (because this is definitely big girl makeup yo). I think it's a really nice touch that Amy includes a personal 'thank you' on every invoice. It makes you feel more like you're getting a present from a friend than just buying some makeup online. I appreciate the thoughtfulness, because I bet it's a big pain in the ass to write on all those invoices! The glitter sticker is totally fun (and now lives on my laptop). I love that they don't put in a sifter and you just get this full to the brim jar of pigment. And I mean FULL. Of course the sample they include with every order is also on my 'things I like' list as well. But my favorite thing about Sugarpill is something really small. I LOVE that the lids on their Chromalust loose pigments close so securely. I think that's something that can get overlooked but is SO important. I hate when my pigments spill all over .... and let's face it, they often do.

I only ended up ordering Royal Sugar because I was low on funds, but couldn't wait any longer to place an order lol. I also received a sample baggie of Magentric- which I almost like more than Royal Sugar. I will definitely be getting a full sized Magentric next time around though, that is for sure. Both colors are really bright, very highly pigmented, and apply smoothly. Royal Sugar is vibrant rich royal blue with loads of lighter silvery blue microglitter. This color looks amazing dry, wet and over various eye shadow bases (matte white especially). It is very sparkly and yet I don't seem to have a huge problem with fall out. I have a ridiculous amount of blue eye shadows- and NOTHING I currently own even comes close to this shade. I think this color is a must-have for every makeup kit. Magentric is an intense magenta with an incredible shimmer. It's just so pretty that I don't even think swatches do it real justice. Use it wet for a metallic sheen. Both of these colors make excellent eye liners when used wet as well.

Top: with a white base, Bottom: used wet

I have been using both of these like crazy since I got them. Here's one of the looks I put together using both Sugarpill colors :)

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Lol I don't know why I look surprised

That's all folks! Are you guys falling in love with Sugarpill too??

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  1. I love ur make up it looks awesome but then again u always do


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