Wednesday, June 15, 2011

More lens love:

If there is one thing in this world that I truly love.. it IS circle lenses!! LOL

As I continue on with my series of circle lens posts I have another great website to review for you. CircleLens2U is an adorable website with great selection of in-stock lenses. They keep up with the latest lense trends, so you can be sure to get new styles as they become available. You can search the lenses based upon color, and they even have a pretty good selection of FX circle lenses (great for cosplay or halloween).

So let me break it down for you:


The website is totally cute, and very easy to navigate. My only complaint is that the lenses are sold by the piece instead of the pair (meaning you need to order 2 to make a pair). This can be confusing for some people. Other than that I was very pleased with the selection. I was beyond pleased to find 3 brand new styles from Geo at sale prices. 

wrapped lenses

back of the envelope

front of envelope

 The shipping was very fast at just 8 days from Malaysia to Michigan. However I was not very satisfied with the packaging unfortunately. The lenses came wrapped in bubble wrap, and were shipped in a plain non-padded envelope. While my lenses arrived safe & sound...I can see how easily it would be for them to have broken in transit. I did find customer service to be very friendly, so if a package was damaged i'm sure they would be more than willing to replace it. It really depends on how much packaging means to you personally. I wouldn't let it stop me from ordering from CircleLens2U in the future.

The Lenses:

I ended up picking up the new Geo Forest series in Lavender-violet. I love this style so much. The lenses are quite large at 15mm, and have streaks of black with an iridescent lavender shining through brightly. The lenses almost have a tye-dyed effect. The lavender is very shiny and jewel-toned. The lenses are pretty thick but not at all uncomfortable.I am really excited to try more colors in this particular style.

in the vials

enlargement effect

Overall I really liked CircleLens2U's service, and selection. I will be checking up on them quite often to see what new exciting styles they are getting in. While I didn't like the flimsy packaging, I wasn't totally turned off by it either. I plan to order more of the Geo Forest series very soon (green and grey for sure!) . So there you have it....another great source for circle lenses :)

* Disclaimer: These lenses were generously provided by the sponsor for review. This review is my own honest opinion based on quality of service, and the product provided.*

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