Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Circle lens love: review

On my quest for finding great circle lens suppliers I stumbled across Right away I loved their HUGE selection of lenses. I had a really hard time choosing which lenses I wanted to order, but ending up going with a pink Geo pair. I like how you can search the website based on lens color. It makes it very easy to compare different styles of the same color. Most lenses are offered in many prescription strengths. All the lenses featured are in-stock so that there's no waiting for batches. I do not like ordering lenses in batch orders because you end up having to wait a really long time to receive your circle lenses, and a batch can be canceled if not enough people order. It just isn't a real reliable way to get your lenses, and it definitely isn't for impatient people like me. 

So this is my overall review of my experience with e-circlelens.


I liked the wide variety of lenses offered. I thought the website was easy to navigate. The ordering process is generally pretty easy, and problem-free. Customer service is friendly, helpful, and fast to reply to any email inquiries. I have no complaints whatsoever. 


Shipping from Korea to Michigan only took 1 week!!  I thought that was crazy fast. Their lenses are packed in a sturdy little box, put into a special foam holder, and then packed with huge foam packing peanuts. You definitely do not have to worry about receiving broken vials. 

Extras :

My package came with a circle lens care instruction sheet. I really like when companies include these care sheets because proper lens care is super important for your eye health. They also included a free lens case which is a nice touch.

The Lenses:
The lenses I chose were the Geo WT-A07. They are a matte rose pink with a thick black limbal ring for added intensity.  They are quite large at 15mm, and are the largest pair I currently own. These lenses are rather thick and I would not recommend them for first time circle lens wearers. Some people do not like Geo lenses because of their thickness but I do not think they are especially uncomfortable. I also recommend due to their size to only wear these lenses no more that 4-5 hours at a time to avoid eye strain. It should go without saying that once your eyes begin to feel tired it is time to take out your lenses. I have to say that these lenses are absolutely beautiful in color. They look amazing over light and dark brown eyes!

natural light
with a flash


Pink lenses looks best when worn with pinks, roses, rosey browns, gold, bronzes, and blacks.
Just in case you wanted to see the eye makeup too lol

enlarging effect

I would definitely order from again in the future. They have a lot of hard to find styles of circle lens available, and in-stock. Shipping is fast, and the packaging is super secure. Their prices are slightly higher than some sellers, but I think they compensate with the quality of their service. This is a great website for lens enthusiasts looking for those hard to find styles!

* Disclaimer: These lenses were generously provided by the sponsor for review. This review is my own honest opinion based on quality of service, and the product provided.*

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