Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Orange you glad it's almost Spring??

Spring is just around the corner, and make-up counters everywhere are in full bloom!

My favorite trend for spring 2011 is orange lipstick. With so many brands to choose from, picking out just one may prove difficult. I decided to set off in search of my own perfect juicy shade of tangerine. I tried about 10 lipsticks in total, 6 of them I dismissed right off the bat for being either too pink, too coral, or too red toned. This left me with 4 shades that I felt were contenders in my orange lipstick battle royale!

#1 & #2 : Givenchy Rouge Interdit Satin Lipstick in Candide Tangerine, and in Fruity Orange

What I loved about this lipstick, color aside, is how moist it is. It really feels more like a luxury lip treatment than it does a lipstick. It applies with a light shine so I didn't find that I needed to wear a lip gloss in addition to the lipstick. Fruity Orange is the slightly deeper orange shade, while Candide Tangerine is a brighter very vivid color. If you are a medium/darker toned brunette I suggest going with Fruity Orange, and if you are lighter complected the Candide Tangerine is better suited to you.

#3: Kat Von D Painted Love Lipstick in Stiletto

I have mixed feelings about this one. The color is a bright red-orange, but I like it better than the A-go-go shade. It goes on very matte, and very dry. I do not like the texture at all. The color itself is pretty nice, but I'm not sure how I'd feel about it if my complexion were darker. I wouldn't use this one without some sort of moisturizing lip primer underneath. This is a good pick if you'd like oranges that are red-ish.

And now, my favorite of the bunch.....

#4: Makeup Forever Rouge Artist Intense in #40

The orangest of the orange! Makeup Forever Rouge Artist intense in 40 is pretty matte, and highly pigmented. It's very close to the Givenchy Candide Tangerine, but just a tad bit lighter & brighter. It is not as moist however as it's a very matte shade. I can deal with slightly dryer lipstick when the color payoff is this great though. For just $19, MUFE is the orange for me!

MUAH! It was love at first sight.

I also decided that I wanted a nice, sparkly gloss to go over top for the times when I'm not wanting a matte. So I tried out several glosses in corresponding shades. Several of them would be perfect for those of you who are leary of wearing a bright orange lipstick, but still want to jump on the trend. Out of all of them the one I liked the best was :

and the winner is.....

 Tarina Tarantino Electric Butterfly Gem Gloss 

I love the clear pop of non-sticky glittery orange, and the fresh squeezed orange juice smell. Yum! It adds just a little extra fun to an already exciting color trend.

MUFE 40 with TT Electric Butterfly gem gloss

Which shade of orange lipstick will you be sporting this spring ladies?


  1. MUFE always rocks! I love that shade!!

  2. Omg I've missed so much on your blog !! you have such great post love all the orange lipsticks


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