Saturday, February 26, 2011

MAC Jeanius Collection: Yay or Nay??

MAC is launching their denim inspired Jeanius collection March 3rd. While I'm looking forward to a few of the products (mainly the nail laquer in Biker Blue, a deep sparkling blue denim) I am kind of underwhelmed by the 4 eyeshadow colors.

From L-R: White Jeanius, Diva in Stovepipe black, Diva  in Motorhead, Diva in Distress

Their design is quite adorable, but the colors are very similar to other colors previously released by MAC. I just am not seeing very unique colors here. If I were to pick up one of these I would probably go with Diva in Distress for it's pale silvery blue shade.

I feel like these are kind of a throwback to the 90's... So I guess the question is : Will you throw on your acid wash jeans and run to your nearest MAC counter on the 3rd???


  1. I like the nail polishes and the blush. I wanted to get the eyeshadow but I'm a bit picky. I get very grumpy in the mornings if the pigmentation of the shadow is not good or its texture is not very blendable. Motorhead seems to look so similar to Deep Truth (I have Deep Truth, Freshwater and Contrast - don't think I need more blues for now :)). Stove Pipe Black is nice but I don't know how often I will use it.

  2. The packaging is SUPER cute and creative but i am not big on the colors.

  3. Hmm..I'm not hearing great things about this line since it's launch. Does anyone out there LOVE it??


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