Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Getting started!

Hello fellow makeup lovers!

I'm finally in the early stages of starting my blog! I'd like to not only discuss great products that I love, but would like to touch on subjects such as: Animal Testing in some cosmetics & alternatives to using those products, Makeup design, Beginner to advanced tutorials, and Bargain products that have great quality.

I will be starting to put up reviews, and blogs this week so keep an eye out for them! I will also be tweaking the layout.

To make this a better blog, I need YOUR input. What product reviews would you like to see? What type of tutorials do you need? All suggestions & requests are welcome!!!


Are you a makeup company, big or small?? Would you be interested in sending me free samples of your product to review, or use in a tutorial?? Please get ahold of me!

All mail can be sent to me @: 

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