Friday, December 21, 2012

La Bella Donna Lip Crayon review

Today I am going to be reviewing a great lip crayon I received from a mineral makeup company called La Bella Donna. This is the first product I've tried from this particular company. La Bella Donna was founded by mother-daughter team Kathy and Nicole Tracy who both previously had problems using traditional makeup with their skin types. As you know I absolutely love and prefer mineral makeup so I think it's cool that they just decided to make their own makeup line.

The duo lip crayon I received was in a color combo called 'Devotion' which is a brownish nude with pink tones. It also came with a pencil sharpener that works great with both sides. This is something I really liked because I can never find a good sharpener for my 'chubby' lip and eye pencils. The lip liner end is just a little bit sharper than the lip color end and gives you a nice crisp line. I really enjoyed the texture of both sides of this pencil because they were soft and easy to draw with without being mushy. The lip color end glides on very smooth with just a subtle hint of shine. The colors work perfectly together for a very nice neutral lip. I found that this pencil also lasted just a little bit longer than traditional lipstick even after eating & drinking. Overall I enjoyed this pencil and have no complaints. They make 3 other shades that are all very wearable for every skin tone. They can also be used together to make your own custom shade. The La Bella Donna Duo Lip Crayon is available for at La Bella for $28.50

Lip color end

Lip liner end

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