Thursday, February 24, 2011

8 Things that are in my purse right now!

 #1: Stila custom color blush

Stila boasts a " perceptive blush that adjusts to your skin tone and finishes flawlessly. fits all skin tones, light-diffusing particles give you the appearance of a flawless, radiant complexion , and a silky-smooth texture". I don't know about all that. I think it's a very soft, powdery blush in an almost neon pink shade. Custom or not, I do love the texture, and my particular shade. 

#2: Mint Glaze FX lip primer

Now this is a product i'll swear by. I absolutely love this lip balm, and primer. It goes on smooth, is non-sticky, and has a light glossy finish. Perfect to wear alone or under your favorite lip color. I've also noticed that it smooths, and plumps the surface of the lips. I especially like to wear this under matte lipsticks that may be a little drier or thicker. As an added bonus it has a refreshing natural peppermint scent.
 #3: MUFE HD Foundation

Most of us don't really need to be HD ready on a daily basis (wait...does real life count as HD???) so my love for this makeup has little to do with it's high def qualities. I like this particular foundation because as a person with very pale skin it is difficult to find a shade that matches my tone without making me look like a corpse. 110 is the perfect porcelain pale shade with a soft pink undertone. I find the knock-off Revlon kind to be comparable to shade, but not quality.
 #4: Nars Lip stain/ lipgloss duo

This is just one of those beauty staples you NEED in your purse. The lip stain is moist, and applies highly pigmented. The gloss is a light, non-sticky formula that lasts quite a while. Sometimes I like wearing the gloss on it's own for a more subtle color.
 #5: NYX Glitter Powder

This is my new favorite loose glitter. First of all, it's really inexpensive! Secondly, you get A LOT of it. It's very prismatic, and comes in many awesome colors. Right now I have the gold prism color, and I can't wait to use it for my St.Patrick's Day makeup. 

 #6: Stila lip glaze

Here's another beauty staple! It doesn't matter what color is your personal favorite (mines pink diamond), just make sure you have one of these floating around in your purse for that emergency lip gloss touch- up.

#7: Bareminerals Prime Time Primer

This is something I have recently discovered after receiving a free sample of it from One use and I was hooked! This primer is a clear gel that goes on satiny smooth, and makes your face look and feel very soft. It smooths out imperfections while keeping your foundation on all day long.

And last but not least....

#8: Sephora Atomic Volume Mascara

I love, love, loove this mascara. The brush creates separated, defined lashes while also plumping them up to maximum volume. It's not clumpy at all, and usually one coat is all you need.

So that's what's currently in my purse. What are your beauty must-haves?

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  1. Love all the things you mentioned here !! love stilla my favorite brand !! thanks for the link on your side bar , you have a amazing blog here I wish you the best of luck , can't wait to see what you have in store for us !!


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